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Family dinners with new friends Safe & Secure Secure lockers Room keys No outside guests 24hr reception Once you’ve found you’ll want to             come again! ZZZZZZZZZ! Common room couches are meant to be napped on
Lisbon Lagos

My friend made a separate booking under a different name, can we be in the same room?
The GSpot is more of your friends guesthouse, rather than an actual hostel, guests find themselves spending most of the time in the common room, before going out to the bars at night. Please remind us again upon check in and we will try our very best. Either way we can promsie you a great time here at The GSpot.

I have to cancel my booking, will I still be charged for the whole stay?
It is our mentality that shit happens when traveling, please send us a cancelation within 24hours to cancel any booking. Reservations not cancelled with 24hours prior, will be charged for the first night.

We have a group and are unable to make the reservation all under one booking, can we still be in the same room?
The GSpot is more of your friends guesthouse, rather than an actual hostel, guests find themselves spending most of the time in the common room, before going out to the bars at night. Please remind us again upon check in and we will try our very best. Either way we can promise you a great time here at The GSpot.

I am unable to make a reservation online, because one of the days in unavailable?
When traveling travelers plans often change and nights are canceled, if you are unable to book a certain day, stop by anyway, we will always try our very best to take walk ins, whatever it takes we will make sure you have an awesome

I have “Bad Hostel-itis” is there a cure?
Yes, the GSpot has just the cure for you. No more is toast and jam considered breakfast, paying for internet acceptable or push button showers allowed. Our guests are the best, and they deserve the best. We treat you like family, because after a few short days, you are. Our staff lives on site, and we want to give you the best we can offer.

There are many cheap flights leaving from Porto, Lisbon and Faro (closest to Lagos) airports, which you can take a late night bus from Lisbon for around 20euros, arriving at 6am to catch early morning cheap flights around Europe and Morocco. Also keep in mind the airport is 2hours by bus from Lagos and to book in advance.

By bus

If you are traveling within Portugal, and unless you have a really tight budget and a eurorail, TAKE THE BUS. The Portuguese buses are really nice Mercedes, quicker and cheaper than the trains.

By train

Take notice, that there are two train stations in Lisbon, write down which one your train is leaving from to other cities in Portugal and Spain. The train connecting Lagos to Lisbon switches trains at Tunes, be sure to remember this switch.



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Lagos “Once you find the G•Spot, you’ll want to come again”

The GSpot Hostel calls to traveling adventurers, cultural enthusiasts and professional partiers alike. Traveling and vacationing are very different things when you’re here, we want you to do both. Take a vacation from your travels and join our growing family.

The GSpot Hostel was made with you in mind. Having travelled the world staying in many hostels we have created a place where you can forget you’re a traveler, relax and have fun. We can promise that during your stay you will often find yourself saying “why don´t more hostels do this.” Free breakfast and great dinner: we have your back; discounts on tours, surfing and festivals: no problem; free shots at bars, drink deals and V.I.P. entrance to clubs: a standard. Here at the GSpot we have worked hard for you.

Let us help you see the great city of Lisbon and all it has to offer by day, but come home to our huge common room and relax with great music, even better friends and a beer, or two, or six, before we take you to the bars and clubs in Lisbon only locals see by night.

The G•Spot Special Treatment

What G•Spotters are saying

The Gspot, what can you say! It's like a home away from home, even when you don't realise you're missing anything. The staff along with the owners make sure you have the best experience possible! They feed you, they do your laundry (small price, well worth it!) they get you drunk and even make sure to put you to bed! Love Kate and Lauren Female, 18-24

GSpot was the best hostel I have ever stayed in. The staff are extremely friendly and also very informative. They know how to treat their guests properly, it's like everyone is just one big family. Facilities are great, and the cosy environment makes it very easy to meet people. Trivia nights are great fun for everyone and the pub crawls just top it all off. I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone looking for partying and a great experience shared with the best company! Male, 18-24

Best Hostel we have stayed in Europe!! Never felt more close to ALL the people in a hostel. Had an amazing time. Extremely clean for a party hostel and very safe. Good food, good people and awesome pub crawls every night! You can't ask for more than that in a hostel. When leaving I was already planning my next visit to the G spot. Highly recommended. Female, 18-24

This was my absolute favourite hostel to stay at simply because of the awesome party atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and is there to have a good time. When we left, it was like saying goodbye to family. They have a really awesome common area as well where you can watch hundreds of movies to chill during the day. There is a pub crawl every night, and the staff are awesome. Female, 18-24

The G-Spot is THE place to stay in Lisbon, the staff is amazing and the place is crazy. I really felt like I was at home in this place, I was suppose to stay 3 night, but expand for 4 more nights cause we had to much fun! So I really recommand this hostel for you guys if you want to have a memorable stay in Lisbon. When I'll be back in Lisbon I'm gonna get back here for sure and strongly recommand for everybody!

Male, 18-24

The best hostel I've come across on this 3month europe tour!I had a great time staying their,was greeted with a beer as soon as i walked in and it was a very friendly environment just like a big family.would deffinitly stay again when back in lagos Male, 25-30

I have never stayed at a hostel or traveled alone before I arrived at the Gspot and I must say that I can't imagine having a better experience. The staff was ridiculously friendly and accommodating (and not to mention so sexy). They all get down and still make sure that everyone is happy and safe. Every day there is a family breakfast and dinner, all-you-can-drink power hour, and an organized pub crawl to Bairro Alto (and beyond!) and you still have ample time to tour the city. VIVA LA G! Female, 18-24

GSPOT was the best hostel I've stayed at so far!! the staff were amazing!! such a good vibe/atmosphere!! mika and alli are the sweetest and cutest ever.. when i head back to LAGOS i'll definitely be going back to GSPOT.. WOOHOO!! Female, 18-24

This place has literally ruined hostels for me.. you will not find a better hostel than gspot, people are amazing, 1euro for beer and dinner, best pub crawl I've ever been on, all you can drink every night and free breakfast in the morning #perfecto Male, 18-24

This was my favourite hostel over my 6weeks of travels throughout Europe! I'd recommend to anyone. The staff were amazing they really went above and beyond to make you happy, the location was fab! Walking distance from the beach, bars and shops. And they really made the effort to get people mingling and make friends. I never wanted to leave! Thanks for having me! Female, 18-24

Ended up staying at this hostel a few extra nights because I loved it that much. The staff were amazingly friendly. There was always group activities going on in the hostel. Would highly recommend it! Female, 18-24

Rua Candido dos Reis 73 • 8600-315 • Lagos Travessa Fala-só, 24b Código Postal de 1250-109
00351 218 253 344
Book for Lisbon Book for Lagos “Once you find the G•Spot, you’ll want to come again” 00351 282 788 215 lagos@gspothostels.com